SK (Keith) Murray has excelled in music his entire life. He is proficient on a number of instruments. One of his biggest accomplishments was in his high school senior year when he was the first chair in the All-State Orchestra on tuba and also First Tenor Sax in the All-State Jazz Band in his home state of Georgia. During his sophomore year in college, Keith put down the tuba to focus all his efforts on the saxophone. During his musical career, Keith has performed with 5 Grammy Award winners including Maynard Ferguson. Ronnie Milsap, and Sharon Jones.

After the miracle of seeing his son instantly healed of cancer, Keith set out to put into music what he and his family had walked through. As a part of this musical endeavor, Keith learned about the healing power of certain frequencies of sound – frequencies that were used by King David and the early musicians in the Bible.

During over a year of research, Keith found a lot of these frequencies were used in New Age and meditation music. Yet, nearly every source cited the Bible book of Numbers as the source of their knowledge of these frequencies, which are also referred to as solfeggio frequencies. One thing is clear from the Bible and all of history – Satan and his minions are not capable of creating. There is only one Creator. The enemy is only capable of counterfeiting what God has put in place for all of His creation.

The physical attributes and the scientific research of these frequencies have shown their restorative and healing powers. There is only one Healer – Yeshua (Jesus Christ), and Jehovah God is a God of restoration! Let these frequencies restore you (Jeremiah 30:17), heal you (1 Peter 2:24), and give you rest (2 Corinthians 5:17). After all, they were created by GOD with a purpose.